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Where is my claim number?
In most cases, your claim number will be issued by your insurance company when you report your accident. Simply record the number and bring it to us when you bring your car in for your repair and we will handle everything else for you.

What is an insurance deductible?
Your deductible is the amount your insurance company requires you to pay toward a claim before they pay anything. For example, if you have a $1,500.00 claim and your policy has a $500.00 deductible, you will pay $500.00 and your insurance will pay $1,000.00. Your insurance agent should be able to answer any additional questions regarding your policy.

Is there a charge for getting an estimate?
No. We can give you a verbal estimate on the spot, in many cases.

Do I need an appointment to obtain an estimate?
No appointment is required during our normal operating hours. However, it is always a good idea to call ahead in order to make sure someone is here that can do the estimate for you.

What is an aftermarket or quality replacement part?
It is any part made by another manufacturer other than the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

What if damages are found that are not listed on the estimate?
This damage is known as “hidden damage” and once found, the insurance company and/or customer are notified as to the nature of the damage and the cost of the repair to be performed.

How will I know when repairs will be completed?
We will give you an estimated repair time at drop off, but due to circumstances beyond our control (such as bad weather) that estimate could change. We will remain in contact with you throughout the entire process and keep you up to date.

How do I care for my newly painted vehicle?
Minimal care is required to maintain the shine of your newly painted vehicle. During the first three months after painting your vehicle, avoiding waxing your car or applying any magnetic signs, protective bras, decals or stickers to the new paint. Only hand‑wash or use a touch‑less machine wash and use car wash soap to clean your new paint. If any bird droppings or tree sap gets on the new paint try to wash it off as quickly as possible to avoid any markings.